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Best Avalanche The Architect Info

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All You Need To Know About Avalanche The Architect
This is the one for you if rap is your passion. Avalanche the architect, who is rapper, has brought 90s hip hop back to the mainstream. The new song Talk The Talk was released just one month ago. It has been watched more than 150k times. The song was inspired by the tale of rappers being convicted for their lyrics. Avalanche was also charged with his lyrics. Avalanche is a rapper that has conquered the globe. His videos are viewed by millions. His tweets are often shared on Twitter and he gets thousands of likes. Avalanche, a businessman, is also successful with his own social media company. His YouTube channel is filled with his incredible rap videos. Each one of his videos has a large following every single day. Avalanche is adored by fans all over the globe because of his passion and unique talent. See this Toronto Rappers website for details.


About Avalanche The Architect
Avalanche is an amazing 90s-era rapper who is trying to transform the industry of music through his music. Avalanche was raised in America and has spent the majority of his life there. He currently resides and works in Toronto. His fierce and brutal rappers are accompanied by a unique rhyme structure. His vocal onslaught is balanced by the lyrics that tell the narrative of his life. His dedication to his craft is a result of the discipline he has gained through his personal and professional MMA training and fighting. A lot of his videos are available online, and he is becoming more popular every day. Avalanche who is from Toronto has been steadily recording music and making mixes for the mass of people. He hopes to release both in the next year.

Toronto rapper Avalanche The Architect, from Toronto, isn't a stranger to controversy. The latest track from him "Nigga Nigga Nigga Nigga Shoo Kill" has caused quite an uproar! The wartime anthem, which is 5 minutes and 40 seconds long includes 57 references. That's literally 10 per minute. However, don't get too in a haze. Even with the lyrics that are violent, it is an excellent masterclass in metaphors, similes double entendres clever wordplay and punchlines. This song would be a knockout for world-class boxers. "I don't give you a chance when you give me the chance" or"Rubix cube spinning the block," this goes on for over 5 minutes. This song is reminiscent Canibus’s 100 bars at the close of the 90s. Avalanche is possibly the most sleep-on lyricist of the game. This is due to the loud, rough voice that is used to deliver these barrages of rage. Sometimes, this can overshadow the lyrics that are more up-to-date. If you're looking for bar-brained, poetic savages I would compare him to Lloyd Banks and Big Pun. Check out this Rap site for info.


The music he sings is enjoyable because you can tell he doesn't create up stories he's never lived. As he said "There's not a social club in the city that doesn't recognize my name. You can ask the mob. I'm committing murders on contract by myself." I haven't met Avalanche in a Portuguese cafe/socialclub on College street. It is an area of Toronto Canada that is well-known for its "Soprano" types of activities. I was stunned at how effortlessly he fit in in this environment with an African-American. Avalanche explained that his name derives from his martial artist coach. The people in his neighborhood called him "The The Architect" due to the way the Architect made friends with all.

I was able to see the architect in Avalanche when I was hanging out with him during the entire day. I got to experience the architect aspect of Avalanche by hanging out with Avalanche at the Biker Clubhouse party. Avalanche The Architect is worthy of your support. See this Kanye West site for more.

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